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Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection, 1800-1987 | Special Collections & University Archives

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Collection Overview

Title: Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection, 1800-1987Add to your cart.

Extent: 2.38 Linear Feet

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Each folder in this open collection contains single manuscript items, or a small collection of manuscript items. Most of the items are letters, though postcards, transcriptions, and other manuscript materials are present.

Folders are filed alphabetically by the primary name identified with the manuscript or title.

Box 3, Folder 32 is comprised of unknown materials that do not have an associated primary name or title.

Box and Folder Listing

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Box 1Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Letters to Dr. Abbott, 1894-1895Add to your cart.
Letters from W. H. Hare, C. H. Brent
Folder 2: Letter from Thomas F. Bayard to Paul H Haynes, February 20, 1882Add to your cart.
Letter concerning the publication of P.H. Hayne's poems
Folder 3: Letter from Keyes Beech to Margaret Parton, December 28, 1954Add to your cart.
Letter concerning M. Parton's journalistic career, and concerning K. Beech's personal life
Folder 4: Letter from William Beer to unknown, July 20, 1920Add to your cart.
Reply to letter of enquiry regarding Dr. Bow's Review; says he will return to New Orleans around the 17th.
Folder 5: Letter from Walter Besant to Fortinew, March 15, 1893Add to your cart.
Letter of recommendation for Charles Burr Tood, who is "anxious to get a Reader's Ticket;" asks reciever to help the man.
Folder 6: Letter from Edward Birkbeck to unknown, July 1897Add to your cart.
Letter describes an enclosed photograph and refers to Birkbeck's time abroad in 1893.
Folder 7: Letter from Henry Rowley Bishop to unknown, March 16, 1853Add to your cart.
The composer writes to send a program of a concert he attended the night before. He describes the after-party and the excellent performances.
Folder 8: Letter from Arvill W. Bitting to Harry Earl Jones, July 14, 1939Add to your cart.
Letter regarding the Gastronomie Bibliography.
Folder 9: Manuscript, Alice Stone Blackwell, n.d.Add to your cart.
"'Make the world better,' were Lucy Stone's last words, and her daughter can think of nothing more fitting, when asked to give a 'sentiment.'" Blackwell was the daughter of suffragist, Lucy Stone.
Folder 10: Letter from Henry Augustus Boardsman to unknown, October 4, 1841Add to your cart.
Letter describes a payment.
Folder 11: Letter from John Bowden to David Thomas, December 26, 1798Add to your cart.
Letter addressing finances.
Folder 12: Manuscript, Hjalmar H. Boyesen, n.d.Add to your cart.
Three page manuscript poem entitled "Paths of Love."
Folder 13: Letter form Charles Bradlaugh to unknown, April 7, 1863Add to your cart.
Letter regarding a lease and requesting further instruction.
Folder 14: Manuscript, A.V. Bragg, n.d.Add to your cart.
Entitled "Materialization," the manuscript offers the account of a group of people interacting with spirits following a trumpet circle.
Folder 15: Letter from Adjutant General to Edward S. Braggs, April 29, 1901Add to your cart.
"Sir: Having in mind your interest in the appointment of John H. Lewis, I now have the honor to inform you that the President has designated him for examination with a view to his appointment as a lieutenant, U.S. Army."
Folder 16: Letter from Louis Bransford to Gherald, n.d.Add to your cart.
Letter in which Bransford, at a veteran's hospital and paralyzed in his left arm, encourages Ghearald to become an aviator and to stop betting.
Folder 17: Letter from William G. Brantley to G.A. Gregory, July 20, 1908Add to your cart.
Brantley apologizes for not being able to reply sooner, as he has been out of town for nearly two weeks. Brantley further writes that he is not in the position to serve the recipient.
Folder 18: Letter from John Brazen to unknown, October 22, 1829Add to your cart.
Letter discussing a religious book Brazer picked up, written by Scottish author Rev. John [Thomson].
Folder 19: Letter from Charles H. Brent to Mrs. Gardnier, December 16, 1907Add to your cart.
Brent must decline Gardnier's invitation to meet the following month and expresses sympathy for the death of her mother and aunt. [See "Abbot, Dr." for additional letters.]
Folder 20: Letter from Francis Key Brooks to unknown, July 25, 1899Add to your cart.
"I hearby signify my consent to the consecration of the Rev. Joseph Marshall Francisc, as Bishop of Indiana." [See "Abbot, Dr." for additional letter.]
Folder 21: Letter from Phillips Brooks to William Roper, June 31, 1856Add to your cart.
Brooks, a Cambridge graduate and teacher, writes to apply for employment as a tutor for Roper's son.
Folder 22: Letter from Thomas Church Brownell to Rev. Bishop Potter, October 11, 1848Add to your cart.
Response to Potter's letter regarding candidates for Orders.
Folder 23: Letter from Orestes A. Brownson to Lewis J. Cirt, August 1, 1849Add to your cart.
"Dear Sir, Your note was duly received and I am happy to comply with its request."
Folder 24: Letter from Matthias Bruen to George Ticknor, June 4, 1823Add to your cart.
Bruen discusses the publication of a collection of essays for the American market.
Folder 25: Letter from Jean Bruller to unknown, December 22, 1961Add to your cart.
Letter in French by the poet known as "Vercors"
Folder 26: Letters to Kate M. Bryan from George A. Massey, November 20, 1918 - December 6, 1918Add to your cart.

Letter and two postcards from the Army Private George A. Massey to his mother, Kate M. Bryan, during his service in France.  He writes about the Christmas season and to coordinate their future correspondence.

Also included is a form postcard from Corporal Louis A. Bootner(?) dated August 3, 1918.

Folder 27: Letter from Robert Buchanan to Alex Shahan, n.d.Add to your cart.
The novelist writes that he enclosed a draft of chapter one for the recipient.
Folder 28: Manuscript, R.H. Bugley, November, 1908Add to your cart.
Bugley writes about how the political environment has changed within his church's administration.
Folder 29: Letter to Joseph Burdick from Albert A. Grespo, Jr., n.d.Add to your cart.
Grespo requests of Burdick a loan of $25 in order to move from Mexico to Los Angeles, where a job awaits him.
Folder 30: Letter from Ebenezer Burgess to Rev. W.S. Alexander, November 9, 1868Add to your cart.
Burgess's letter accompanies seemingly spiritual pieces from several deceased writers.
Folder 31: Letter from George Burgess to unknown, December 23, 1853Add to your cart.
Bishop George Burgess writes to his friend in gratitude of a generous donation to the church.
Folder 32: Letter from Asa Burton to Rev. Levi Hart, September 12, 1791Add to your cart.
Burton writes regarding the publication of a work by a Mr. Hopkins.
Folder 33: Letter from Warren Burton to W.W. Greenough, March 1, 1860Add to your cart.
Burton reminds Greenough that the first meeting for "Home Education" is to be held that night.
Folder 34: Letter from George Washington Carver, July 17, 1941Add to your cart.
Carver writes that certain forces must unite before true democracy can be realized. He also claims that the Golden Rule is "the only thing that will settle our differences."
Folder 35: Letter from William Henry Channing to Mr. May(?), April 28, 1853Add to your cart.
Channing downplays the merits of one of his sermons which Mr. May(?) wishes to have published.
Folder 36: Letter from Dr. William L. Channing to Rev. Barnabus Bates, August 19, 1820Add to your cart.
Letter of recommendation on behalf of William H. Taylor, who used to work for Channing's uncle, Mr. Ellery, seemingly for a position at the Treasury Department.
Folder 37: Letter from Edwin H. Chapin to Rev. Joseph May, April 28, 1867Add to your cart.
Chapin attempts to organize a plan in which he can attend one of May's courses without disrupting his responsibilities to his own pulpit.
Folder 38: Letter from Joe Mitchel Chapple to Helen M. Scott, December 15, 1912Add to your cart.
"With all good wishes & sincere personal regards."  Letter likely accompanied another document or package.
Folder 39: Letter from Carlton Chase to Rev. George W. Porter, July 29, 1868Add to your cart.
Chase, a bishop, writes that he hopes to be in good health so that he can attend Porter's convocation
Folder 40: Letter from George William Childs to Paul Hamilton Hayne, December 1, 1874Add to your cart.
The publisher writes to Hayne, a poet, regarding a monument to be placed on Edgar Allen Poe's grave.
Folder 41: Letters to and from the Children's Home of Clark County, OH, December 23, 1901 - March 14, 1908Add to your cart.
In his 1901 letter to the Children's Home, D. K. Mardis imparts the story of Christmas to the children.  Superintendent Adam Lenhart writes in his 1908 letter to Effie Burt that the home is at a temporary residence and that he hopes to secure a permanent one in the following month.
Folder 42: Letter from Winston Churchill to Ruth Peterson, October 3, 1945Add to your cart.
Churchill thanks Peterson for her previous letter.
Folder 43: Letter from Champ Clark to Hon. T. W. Hardwick, June 6, 1914Add to your cart.
Clark, Speaker of the House from 1911-1919, takes a defensive stance after a Georgia newspaper misconstrued one of his remarks from a debate with Hardwick, putting him in an awkward position.
Folder 44: Letters from Rev. Thomas March Clark to unknown, May 20, 1884 - October 4, 1899Add to your cart.
A letter sent on his behalf in 1884 regrets that Clark, the Bishop of Rhode Island, will be unable to attend the laying of the cornerstone of a new Cathedral in Albany.  In a letter from 1899, Clark gives his consent to the ordination of Bishop Williams.
Folder 45: Letter from Robert Collyer to unknown, February 18, 1899Add to your cart.
Collyer, a Unitarian clergyman, writes, "Dear Sir, Gilbert - Photographer, Fifth Avenue and 35th St., New York. Has very good photos of me."
Folder 46: Letters to Rev. Moncure Daniel Conway, 1863 - 1889Add to your cart.
Letters from Edward P. Cranch, Alexander J. Ellis, Henry Harland, [illegible] Hooker, George Parsons Lathrop, Sir Charles Lyell, Charles E. Norton, W.D. Whiting, and "Paul."
Folder 47: Letter from Grace Coolidge to Elizabeth "Betty" Webster, May 13, 1940Add to your cart.
The widow of Calvin Coolidge recounts what must have been a vacation she and Webster took together.
Folder 48: Manuscript, J.F. Cooper, December 10, 1849Add to your cart.
Draft of Agreement for the author's work The Spy, new edition.
Folder 49: Letter from D.M. Cord to Edgar M. Hayes, February 5, 1907Add to your cart.
Cord, Robert Taylor's secretary, writes on behalf of the governor and candidate for senator to inform Hayes that Taylor will not be in Washington until the following winter.
Folder 50: Letters to Rev. Augustus Davisson, 1889 - 1910Add to your cart.
Letters from Lyman Abbott, [illegible] Archer, A.C. Dickson, Blair Lee, Minton Judson Savage, William Smith, and Emory Speer.
Folder 51: Letter from Lee de Forest to U.A. Sanabria, January 25, 1945Add to your cart.
De Forest, who was appointed Honorary Chairman of the World's Invention Exposition and who was responsible for planning certain exhibits, suggests to American Television Laboratories that they adapt a live television exhibit.
Folder 52: Letters to Augustus Wilfrid Dellquest and letters relating to Dellquest's Rare Book Shop, 1904 - 1945Add to your cart.
Letters from Mary Miller Engel, William Dean Howells, Elbert Hubbard, Rupert Hughes, Marquis James, Joseph Rucker Lamar, James Martin Peebles, Frederic Rowland Marvin, Frank L. Pleadwell, and Booker T. Washington. Also included are a letter by Martha Bulloch (Roosevelt) and a facsimile of a letter by George Washington.
Folder 53: Menu, Jack Dempsey's Restaurant, July 10, 1954Add to your cart.
Features an autograph by Jack Dempsey addressed to Dorothy Holley.
Folder 54: Photograph, George Deukmejian, April 3, 1987Add to your cart.
Autograph is addressed to Dr. Thomas Day.
Folder 55: Letters from John Dewey and related documents, 1935 - 1974Add to your cart.
Includes letters by the American philospher and educator addressed to Thomas Munro and to "Lucile."  Among the relating documents are manuscripts by Dewey, copies of newspaper articles, and correspondence between Munro and Irwin Edman, professor of Philosophy at Columbia University.
Folder 56: Manuscript, Anna Elizabeth Dickinson, February 13, 1911Add to your cart.
"Above all things - Liberty!" writes the American orator, advocate of abolition, and propagandist for women's political rights.
Folder 57: Letter from T.B. DuBois to Mrs. Seekins, October 19, 1864Add to your cart.
DuBois describes his daily life and acknowledges the arrival of Seekins's husband in Boston.
Folder 58: Letter, Essenes of Kosmon, from Mark W. Phetteplace to William F. Damon, February 24, 1954Add to your cart.
Phetteplace informs Damon that he is moving to Oregon and intends to write a small book or bulletin.
Folder 59: Letter from Clement A. Evans to R.G. Hitt, July 19, 1882Add to your cart.
Evans, a commander and leader of United Confederate Veterans, writes to Major Hitt regarding a commission owed to Hitt.
Folder 60: Letter from Michele Fiore to Clarence C. Osborn, June 30, 1956Add to your cart.
In his letter to former San Diego State College professor Clarence Osborn, Michele describes his book, Welfare of Nations, and explains what the work seeks to accomplish.

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