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Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection, 1800-1987 | Special Collections & University Archives

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Collection Overview

Title: Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection, 1800-1987Add to your cart.

Extent: 2.38 Linear Feet

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Each folder in this open collection contains single manuscript items, or a small collection of manuscript items. Most of the items are letters, though postcards, transcriptions, and other manuscript materials are present.

Folders are filed alphabetically by the primary name identified with the manuscript or title.

Box 3, Folder 32 is comprised of unknown materials that do not have an associated primary name or title.

Box and Folder Listing

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Box 2Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Letter from Warren L. Fisher to the Chiefs of Bureaus and Divisions, May 26, 1911Add to your cart.
The letter informs the Department of the Interior that a representative from the Selig Polyscope Co. will be visiting their offices with the purpose of taking photographs.
Folder 2: Letter from Henry Frank to Mrs. McLean, 1910Add to your cart.
Item is a sequence of poems, sent during Eastertide.
Folder 3: Letter from Gertrude Gilbert to her family, 1965Add to your cart.
This letter from New York by Miss Gertrude Gilbert was written to her family who then resided at Second and Fir Street in San Diego. It was found in one of the books from the library of Miss Bessie Gilbert willed it to San Diego State College Library in 1965.
Folder 4: Letters to Grace Grey, 1943 - 1946Add to your cart.
Letters from Florence Duvall and Alice Goudy.
Folder 5: Letters to Judson Grenell, 1924 - 1927Add to your cart.
Letters from James R. Brown, Senator Woodbridge N. Ferris, and Leo M. Franklin.
Folder 6: Letter from Juliann (Juliana?) Harrison to her aunt; call number: F865.H37 1852, January 31, 1852Add to your cart.
Hand written letter from a woman living in Alton, Madison County, Illinois, to her aunt, describing her sons' experiences in the California Gold Rush and the effects it had on her family; the letter also includes other information about her family such as news, births and deaths, travels on a Mississippi River steam boat. Several family names from the region are also included.  This letter is cataloged: F865.H37 1852
Folder 7: Letter from Peter Harvey to unknown, June 10, 1873Add to your cart.
Harvey discusses the plans of the Marshfield Club to visit Franklin, NH in honor of the city's "Patron Saint" and "most illustrious son" [likely Daniel Webster, who was born there.]
Folder 8: Letter from Lt. (D.) Heller, U.S.N. to John H. Quail, August 15, 1903Add to your cart.
Letter of recommendation of an applicant for Chief Engineer in the Naval Collier Service.
Folder 9: Letter from Josiah Gilbert Holland to Mr. Smith, n.d.Add to your cart.
Holland, an American journalist, author, and poet who wrote under the pseudonuym Timothy Titcomb, describes how he is unable to work due to a chronic head pain. He finds a replacement to "run the machine" and hopes to be in New York soon.
Folder 10: Letter from Donal Hord to Edward, circa 1961Add to your cart.
The sculptor of the brooding Aztec, Montezuma writes an overdue response to "Edward" and invites him to come by his studio.
Folder 11: Letter from Clark Howell to W.N. Heideburg, June 18, 1914Add to your cart.
In his letter, the American journalist refers to an advertising matter related to the Constitution, which he edits.
Folder 12: Letter from Elbert Hubbard to Mr. Gable, July 14, 1911Add to your cart.

"Dear Mr. Gable,

The enclosed circular tells a little of what we will do, or try to do, at our convention here in August. If you can be with us at this time, we will be greatly pleased.

With all kind wishes,

Elbert Hubbard"

Folder 13: Letter from Alexander Von Humboldt to Lorin Bloget, September 7, 1856Add to your cart.
Homboldt (Berlin) writes thanking Bloget (Washington, D.C.) for sending him information about temperatures in the vast expanse of the United States.  [Translated by Dr. Leonard Messier; March 7, 1977]
Folder 14: Letter from Lawrence Hutton, July 13, 1902Add to your cart.
Letter from the American essayist, editor, dramatic critic, and editor of Harper's Magazine regarding Edwin Booth, on whom he authored a biography.
Folder 15: Letter from John Hyde to his nephew, July 24, 1884Add to your cart.
Letter illustrates Hyde's political musings.
Folder 16: Document, "Information Regarding Mr. Andrews", n.d.Add to your cart.
Information pertaining to the life of Mr. Andrews as well as his moral character.
Folder 17: Letters from Robert Ingersoll, 1872 - 1891Add to your cart.
Letters to Charles E. Potts and "Judge Thom."
Folder 18: Letters from R. Irvine, 1869 - 1874Add to your cart.
Recipients include Colonel Alex Russel[l?] and Colonel W. Johnston.
Folder 19: Letter from George Wharton James to unknown, April 8, 1921Add to your cart.
The American author and lecturer describes an amount owed to the recipient ("Sir".)
Folder 20: Letters from Erwin E. Jesse to his mother and father, 1917 - 1919Add to your cart.
Jesse describes daily life, including marriages and motorcycle riding.
Folder 21: Letter from George Kemp to the Nautical Preparatory School, August 9, 1904Add to your cart.
This document is a letter of recommendation for Otto Esselman. Kemp writes laudatory comments about Esselman, assuring that he is punctual, obedient, willing, and faithful.
Folder 22: Letter from Marc Klaw to unknown, February 27, 1924Add to your cart.
Klaw asks the unknown Colonel to forward enclosed item to a third party.
Folder 23: Letter from L. La Boiteaux to Andrew Jackson, Jr., August 25, 1859Add to your cart.
Wealthy manufacturer, La boiteaux of Cincinnati, wrote to Andrew Jackson, Jr. of the Hermitage of Nashville, Tennessee, inquiring about "a very fine high bred is very difficult to get one such as I want in Kentucky." The horse he finally bought was foaled by a mare belonging to President Andrew Jackson.
Folder 24: Letter from Franklin D. Lane to Mr. DeFry, January 2, 1915Add to your cart.
Lane offers to sell ostriches to DeFry, making note of valuable plumage.
Folder 25: Letter from Bishop Abel Leonard to the Bishop of the Diocese of Indiana, July 25, 1899Add to your cart.
Letter giving consent for Rev. Joseph Marshall Francis as Bishop of the Diocese of Indiana
Folder 26: Letter from Senator Harry Long to unknown, n.d.Add to your cart.
Appeal to recipient(s) in attempt to organize Share Our Wealth societies in each city for the purpose of minimalizing wage disparity.
Folder 27: Letters to and regarding the Lotus Glee Club, 1889 - 1893Add to your cart.

H.S. Riddell, the business manager for "Mrs. Kendal" writes on her behalf regarding her writings on the Lotus Glee Club.

Also included is a letter from Fritz Giese addressed to the Lotus Glee Club, dated January 6, 1893.  Giese asks for the club's terms for performing in Boston the following month.

Folder 28: Letter from Charles Magel to Chiefs of Bureaus and Divisions, Dept. of Commerce and Labor, May 20, 1911Add to your cart.
Letter accompanying the photographer who will take pictures of work in the Bureau
Folder 29: Letter from A. Dudley Mann to Sentor James M. Mason, January 30, 1858Add to your cart.
Mann, an American diplomat and Confederate commissionner to Europe, recommends Joshua Bates be awarded a medal for his work with the British and the U.S. Governments.
Folder 30: Postcard, George W. Marston, August 25, 1941Add to your cart.
Postcard of the Serra Museum at Presidio Park, Old Town San Diego, signed by George W. Marston, August, 1941. Mr. Marston was a prominent San Diegan, and gave the museum and park to the city.
Folder 31: Letter from Ervin W. Marsh to Sherrill, n.d.Add to your cart.
Marsh writes to his best friend during his hospitalization for venereal disease and asks him to warn mutual friends who may have contracted the same one(s).
Folder 32: Letters from W. Somerset Maugham, July 2, 1938Add to your cart.
In his letter to Ben Abramson, Maugham reveals that he is writing a new novel and requests payment for use of his article in a published book.  In a letter to Mrs. Moodey, Maugham thanks the recepient for her letter of praise.
Folder 33: Letter from William M. McQuaid to his children, July 12, 1850Add to your cart.
McQuaid discussing family dynamics and his delight that his children are fond of each other.
Folder 34: Document, Margaret Mead, April 26, 1954Add to your cart.
Signed permission to quote in a publication. (University of Buffalo)
Folder 35: Letter from George Mermuth to Hon. Marshall P. Walker, June 20, [18]86Add to your cart.
Congratulations to recipient on a successful celebration. Anticipation of a letter being published in the paper.
Folder 36: Letter from Jules Michelet, 1858Add to your cart.
Letter written in French by the great historian of the romantic school and author of Histoire de France.
Folder 37: Photograph, Joaquin Miller, n.d.Add to your cart.
American poet and author from California and the gold regions. Original snapsot photograph taken at Hights, California, with signature on back.
Folder 38: Letter from Mrs. Roland Miree to Mrs. H.S. Nugent, July 5, 1904Add to your cart.
Miree writes to Nugent, the Matron of the Tuscarawas Childrens Home in Canal Dover, Ohio, in an effort to adopt her deceased sister's daughter.  She emphasizes her intent to give her niece a proper education as well as her family's affiliation with the Masons and the Knights of Pythias.
Folder 39: Letters from George Moore, 1909-1923Add to your cart.
Six letters concerning several of the "conversations in Ebury Street" which were published in the Fortnightly Review.
Folder 40: Letter from Thomas B. Mosher, November 25, 1905Add to your cart.
Letter regarding catalogue of artwork on pure vellum, including limited copies.
Folder 41: Letter from Fannie Newton-Hurt to Mrs. George Miller, 1921Add to your cart.
Newton-Hurt writes to her sister, brother and daughter following the passing of her husband, Frank, from bronchial pneumonia.  She discusses his funeral and mentions trying to sell the family car to cover the expenses.
Folder 42: Letter from Richard Nixon to Clair W. Burger, February 22, 1985Add to your cart.
Letter accompanying his book about the Vietnam War, written as the 10th anniversary of the fall of Saigon approaches.
Folder 43: Letters to and regarding Colonel T.K. Oglesby, 1882 - 1909Add to your cart.
Letters from [J. Bruckam], A.S. Clay, William H. Fleming, John Temple Graves, Lucien L. Knight, Martha J. Lamb, R. Ransom, and C. Irvine Walker.
Folder 44: Letter from Martin Paine to Henry F. Campbell, M.D., February 12, 1859Add to your cart.
This letter by the American physician and co-founder of the University Medical College (now the medical department of N.Y.U.) discusses nervous system in febrile disorders.
Folder 45: Letters sent to C.W. Peirson, 1920 - 1943Add to your cart.
Letters from Roberto Amorós G., Eleanor (Fordyce) Coburn, James Hamilton Lewis, Jane Holt, and Owen Wister.  [Recipient's name spelled Pearson in some instances.]
Folder 46: Letters between Clifford H. Pope and Dr. Louis A. Kenney, April 17, 1973Add to your cart.
Kenney provides an estimation of the value of Pope's herpetology collection, and Pope responds in turn with a check for services.
Folder 47: Letters to John F. Pribyl, 1913 - 1915Add to your cart.

Edwin Balmer's letter to Pribyl, the Editor of Scenarios at the Selig Polyscope Company,  reads as follows:

"Here's a film form of my story-"The Captain of the Kinross"-- which recently was published in the Associated Sunday Magazines. I think you'll find it tense, [with] dramatic action[,] and easily made here on the lake at the opening of shipping season. This is planned for two reels and therefore is submitted at $200."

Amelia Edith Barr's letter thanks Pribyl for his previous letter, and also provides him with an address so that they can meet in the future.

Folder 48: Letter from Prixy to Dr. Chas F. Russell, February 15, 1906Add to your cart.
"I enclose a letter from the Governor. I wish conditions were a little different."  The letterhad reads, "House of Representatives, Washington."
Folder 49: Letter from Sally Rand to Edward Clarkson, August 20, 1964Add to your cart.
Rand [Helen Gould Beck], a famous 1920s burlesque dancer, writes about her father, who died fourteen years before the letter was written. She goes on to describe his children and grandchildren, as well as several other family members.  Also included is a letter advertising the San Francisco club "Goman's Gay 90's."
Folder 50: Letter from John T. Raymond, December 25, 1878Add to your cart.
Raymond (born John O'Brien,) an American actor, writes to the postmaster, "Dear sir, please forward any letters you have for myself to Newark, New Jersey."
Folder 51: Letter from Ronald Reagan to LeRoy Pemberton, May 19, 1970 - September 9, 1973Add to your cart.
Governor Reagan sends his approval of the annual Institutes on Government, which is to be held at San Diego State College.  Also included are two documents signed by Reagan, the Speaker of the Assembly, and the President of the Senate.
Folder 52: John P. Richardson to D. Appleton & Co., January 2, 1888Add to your cart.
The governor of South Carolina writes in recommendation of C.M. Douglas, who wishes to do business with the firm.
Folder 53: Signature, Vita Sackville-West, 1930Add to your cart.
Autograph written on a page from a limited edition of The Edwardians.
Folder 54: Manuscript, "The Sangerfest Fest Trip", 1936Add to your cart.
A poem about a journey from San Diego, CA to Tacoma, WA by Mrs. W.C. Hubrich.
Folder 55: Letters between Carl Sandburg and George L. Phillips, May - July 1950Add to your cart.

Phillips, an Assistant Professor of English at San Diego State College, writes to Sandberg asking for information about chimney sweeps in the poet's work, as he is compiling information about the experience of chimney sweeps, and asks if Sandberg if he has any other references on the subject.

In his return letter, Sandberg writes that except for a brief mention of the sweeps in another novel, there are no other references he can think of.

Folder 56: Letter concerning the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, n.d.Add to your cart.
This letter was typed by a 16-year-old messenger boy, Grant Manning, in the early 60's.
Folder 57: Signature, George Sarton, 1922Add to your cart.
Sarton's signature on a page from Biblioteca Matematica Italiana Volume I.  Also included is a piece of ephemera that arrived with the original volume.
Folder 58: Letters to and from Charles W. Seekins, 1865 - 1866Add to your cart.

In a letter from aboard the USS Stonewall, Washington, dated December 1, 1865, Seekins discusses life on the ship and expresses devotion to his wife, promising to be a "model husband" upon his return.

In a letter dated January 27, 1866, an H.R. representative writes to Seekins regarding his discharge, noting that "this month's furlough was given as a favor."

Folder 59: Letters to William Seekins, [18]47Add to your cart.
Letters from his mother, M. Seekins, and his sister, Ann Seekins.
Folder 60: Letters to William N. Selig and letters relating to The Selig Polyscope Company Inc., 1908 - 1918Add to your cart.
Letters from L. Frank Baum, Mary Hastings Bradley, Charles A. Comiskey, William Faversham, Daniel Frohman, Robert Grau, Carter H. Harrison, Tom Mix, Randall Parrish, and Albert Payson Terhune. Also includes a letter by [illegible].
Folder 61: Letter from Bradley Smith to Louis A. Kenney, January 10, 1966Add to your cart.
Smith thanks the librarian for several books and discusses potential topics to speak on.
Folder 62: Letter from George G. Smith to unknown, n.d.Add to your cart.
This letter to Smith's "dear Col." discusses female seminaries in early 19th century and the chartering of various academies.

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