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Regis and Donna Graden Printing Ephemera Collection | Special Collections & University Archives

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Collection Overview

Title: Regis and Donna Graden Printing Ephemera CollectionAdd to your cart.

Extent: 0.0


I. Keepsakes

II. Broadsides

III.Chapbooks and Pamphlets

IV. Illustrations, Prints, and Photographs

V. Brochures and Leaflets

VI. Correspondence

VII. Cards and Invitations

   1.) General Invitations and Cards

   2.) Book Club of California Invitations

   3.) The Zamorano Club Invitations

   4.) Business Cards

VIII. Menus and Programs

IX. Bookmarks

X. Periodicals and Newsletters

   1.) periodicals

   2.) Newsletters

   3.) Clippings

XI. Catalogs

XII. Printing Artifacts

   1.) Printed Items about Printing

   2.) Printing Artifacts

XIII. Miscellaneous

XIV. Framed Items

XV. Miniatures

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The collection is divided into fifteen series: Keepsakes, Broadsides, Chapbooks and Pamphlets, Illustrations, Prints, and Photographs, Brochures and Leaflets, Correspondence, Cards and Invitations, Menus and Programs, Bookmarks, Periodicals and Newsletters, Catalogs, Printing Artifacts, Framed Items, and Miniatures. Materials come from not only Regis Graden's Nut Quad Press, but also the Grabhorn Press, Grabhorn-Hoyem, Arion Press, Clinker Press, John Henry Nash, Blackwood Press, Black Vine Press, Año Nuevo Press, Lone Goose Press, Quail Hill Press, Sagebrush Press, Pequeño Press, Hill and Dale Press, Anchor & Acorn Press, and many others.

The Keepsakes series consists of various formats including leaflets, chapbooks, and broadsides printed to commemorate events such as joint meetings of the Roxburghe and Zamorano Clubs, and other special occasions.

The Broadsides series consists of posters printed to advertise events, as well as for artistic purposes, many printed letterpress.

The series of Chapbooks and Pamphlets includes chapbooks and shorter pamphlets printed by various presses. Subjects include poetry, speeches reprinted as booklets, and various other topics that have been printed and bound in a paper cover.

Illustrations, Prints, and Photographs is a small series of mainly engraving prints done by fine presses, including four original John De Pol wood engravings, a highlight of the collection.

Brochures and Leaflets includes leaflets printed at fine presses to announce upcoming publications, leaflets printed by paper and type companies to advertise their wares, as as well as brochures and guides from museums.

Correspondence includes letters from May Morris and the Luther Burbank Society.

Cards and Invitations includes invitations to private sales, holiday greetings from different presses, invitations to presentations, and postcards. The subseries for The Book Club of California and the Zamorano Club are arranged chronologically.

Menus and Programs contains the the beautifully printed programs and menus created for the meetings of the Roxburghe and Zamorano Clubs, American Printing History Association meetings, and other celebrations.

Bookmarks is a small series, of letterpress bookmarks, primarily produced by Andre Chaves at the Clinker Press.

Periodicals and Newsletters is divided into three subseries. The first containing periodicals, the second newsletters from presses and associations, and the third consisting of clippings from newspapers and signatures from bound periodicals, as well as incunabula… for some reason.

Catalogs are arranged into three subseries, each with catalogs of different types. The first consists of catalogs from sales, presses, and exhibitions. The second consists of directories, listing fine presses and contact information for members of the American Printing History Association, and the third subseries includes catalogs of type specimens in the form of both books and single sheets.

Printing Artifacts is broken down into two subseries, the first consisting of printed industry materials such as instructional manuals, and the second subseries consisting of items used in the physical process of printing such as moveable type.

Miscellaneous consists of only two items, the diary of Benjamin Franklin Kopf from 1912, an affidavit from 1879, and a digital recording of the oral history of printer Richard J. Hoffman.

Framed Items consists of incunabula from the mid 15th century, a leaf from the Kelmscott Chaucer, a collection high light, mounted and framed, other interesting printed items, as well as portraits of printers with their presses.

Miniatures consists of items, mostly books that under five inches,  the majority were produced by Monsignor Francis J. Weber at the Junipero Serra Press, Robert E. Massmann at the Art Press, and John Lathourakis at the Tabula Rasa Press. Many were printed as keepsakes for the Miniature Book Society Grand Conclaves. Subjects range from biographies of printers, California history, and religion.

Administrative Information

Repository: Special Collections & University Archives

Access Restrictions: This collection is open for research.

Use Restrictions: The copyright interests in these materials have not been transferred to San Diego State University. Copyright resides with the creators of materials contained in the collection or their heirs. The nature of historical archival and manuscript collections is such that copyright status may be difficult or even impossible to determine.  Requests for permission to publish must be submitted to the Head of Special Collections, San Diego State University, Library and Information Access. When granted, permission is given on behalf of Special Collections as the owner of the physical item and is not intended to include or imply permission of the copyright holder(s), which must also be obtained in order to publish. Materials from our collections are made available for use in research, teaching, and private study. The user must assume full responsibility for any use of the materials, including but not limited to, infringement of copyright and publication rights of reproduced materials.

Preferred Citation: Identification of item, folder title, box number, Regis and Donna Graden Printing Ephemera Collection, Special Collections and University Archives, Library and Information Access, San Diego State University.

Box and Folder Listing

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[Series 1: Keepsakes],
[Series 2: Broadsides],
[Series 3: Chapbooks and Pamphlets],
[Series 4: Illustrations, Photographs, and Prints],
[Series 5: Brochures and Leaflets],
[Series 6: Correspondence],
[Series 7: Cards and Invitations],
[Series 8: Menus and Programs],
[Series 9: Bookmarks],
[Series 10: Periodicals and Newsletters],
[Series 11: Catalogs],
[Series 12: Printing Artifacts],
[Series 13: Miscellaneous],
[Series 14: Framed Items],
[Series 15: Miniatures, 1906, 1937, 1972-2004],

Series 3: Chapbooks and PamphletsAdd to your cart.
Box 2Add to your cart.
Folder 7Add to your cart.
Item 1: If it Were Today: A playlet written by John Eugene Hasty for John Henry Nash on the occasion of his attempt to tell the advertising club of San Francisco Why is the Poor Printer as suggested by his friend Wallace Kebbee, 1925 MayAdd to your cart.
Quarto chapbook, uncut pages, sewn into paper cover. "From the Library of D. Steven Corey" "San Francisco. Printed by John Henry Nash in the month of May MDCCCCXXV"
Item 2: "John Henry Nash announces A Bibliography of the History of California 1510-1930 by Robert Ernest Cowan and Robert Granniss Cowan", 1932Add to your cart.
8 pages sewn into paper cover. "San Francisco: Printed by John Henry Nash"
Item 3: The Roycroft Shop: Being a History by Elbert Hubbard, 1908 JulyAdd to your cart.
4.5"x6" . 29 pages. "Done into a booklet by the roycrofters at their ship which is in East Aurora, Erie County, New York, July MCMVIII"
Item 4: "Christmas in Caxton's Time: Describing Various Customs and manners such as prevailed through the festive season during the lifetime of this illustrious printer. <ade up and presented with the season's greetings by the Caxton Company at Cleveland Ohio.", 1920Add to your cart.
13 pages sewn in paper cover
Item 5: Where our duty's task...", n.d.Add to your cart.
8 leaves from a booklet of quotes from famous writers
Item 6: "A Sermon Delivered at Nassau-Hall, January 14, 1761, on the death of his late Majesty, King George II by Samuel Davies, A. M., Late President of the College of New Jersey, to which is prefixed a brief account of the Life, Character, and Death; of the Author." By David Bostwick, A.M., 1761Add to your cart.
28 page facsimile, sewn
Folder 8Add to your cart.
Item 1: "Archbishop Joseph T. McGurcken (1902-1983): A Personal Memoir" by Msgr. Francis J. Weber, 1996Add to your cart.

22 pages, stapled. "An Address delivered at the tenth annual Symposium on the 'History of Bay Area Catholocism' at the university of San Francisco on October 7, 1995"

"California Catholic Miscellany III"

"Five Hundred copies of this monograph were printed by BookMasters, Inc. for distribution to Freinds of the Archival Center, Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the Friends of the Chancery Archives, Archdioceses of San Francisco, and for the joint meeting of the Roxburghe-Zamorano Clubs in the fall of 1996"

Item 2: "Ester Rosenkrantz, M.D. and Her Collection of Osleriana" by Earl F. Nation, M.D., n.d.Add to your cart.
unpaginated. "Nut Quad Press, San Fernando"
Item 3: "Two on Two" by Brian Doyle, 2002Add to your cart.
4 pages sewn in paper cover. signed by the author. ""Knight Library Press, University of Oregon"
Item 4: "Parchment and Vellum: some notes concerning the origins of writing and printing matierals in the west" compiled by Duncan H. Olmstead, 1996Add to your cart.
unpaginated, includes sample of parchment and vellum. "Roxburghe - Zamorano. By Kathy and Don Fleming at their Press of the Golden Key. Sponsors: Michael Harrison, Vincent Lozito, David Myrick, Duncan Olmstead, Harold Wollenberg, Donald Fleming"
Item 5: Certain Women by Ron McFarland, 1977Add to your cart.

"A Confluence Chapbook"

"300 copies printed for Confluence Press by Western Printing, Inc., Lewiston, Idaho. Logotype by Max Neufeldt"

Box 5Add to your cart.
Folder 1Add to your cart.
Item 1: "Frederic Prokosch: A Passion for Self-Publishing" by James Lorson, 2002Add to your cart.
"Originally written and published in Matrix 21 and here printed for the exhibition... Books and Manuscripts from the collection of James Lorson held at The William Andrews Clark Memorial Library..."
Item 2: "Limited Edition Number 26: History of Samuel Stephens and Wickersham Quoin Company", December 1984Add to your cart.
16 numbered pages stapled in paper cover. "All of thecatalog cuts used here are old originals... text type is 14 point Deepdene cast by the Cade Type Foundry. Presses used were Chandler & Price 8x12 Old Series and Colt's Armory 10x14. Printed at The Juniper Press, 24 Ginn Road, Winchester, Massachusettes 01890. Phillip J. Cade, Prop."
Item 3: "To Friendship" by Agness Geene Foster, 1910 MarchAdd to your cart.
" San Francisco: Paul Elder and Company. Printed by the Tomoya Press, John Henry Nash, printer
Item 4: Old "No. 1": The Story of Isaiah Thomas and His Printing Press, 1989Add to your cart.
unpaginated. American Antiquarian Society. "Designed  by Clinton Sisson. Set and Printed at the Wayside Press, Charlottesville, Virginia"
Item 5: "Small Renaissance: Southern California Style" by Jacob Zeitlin, 1972 AugustAdd to your cart.

16 pages, stapled in paper cover. "First printed in the Paper of the Bibliographical Society, Volume 50, First Quarter, 1956. Reprinted for the author, Los Angeles..."

"Read at the meeting of the bibliographical Society of America at the Huntington Library, San Marino, California, August 27, 1955."

"Presented to members of the Roxburghe and Zamorano Clubs on the occasion of their joint meeting in San Francisco, September 9 and 10, 1972"

"Printed for Jacob Zeitlin at California State University, Los Angeles, by Richard Hoffman"

Item 6: "Newly Discovered Franklin Invention: Nature Printing on Colonial and Continental Currency" by Eric P. Newman. A.N.A. 4624, 1964Add to your cart.
34 pages stapled in paper cover. "Reprinted from The Numismatist. American Numismatic Association"
Item 7: "Commercial Printers of San Francisco from 1851-1880" by Henry R. Wagner, 1939Add to your cart.

16 pages stapled in paper cover. "Seperate from the Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, Volume Thirty-three, 1939"

"Copyright 1939 by The Southworth-Anthoensen Press, Portland, Maine"

Handwritten note on first page: "Gift from Weber, 9/96"

Item 8Add to your cart.
Folder 2Add to your cart.
Item 1: "Driving From the Mississippi River to the Pacific Coast Fifty Years Ago: Diary of Edwin H. Carpenter" Edited and Annotated by His Wife and Son, 1967Add to your cart.

10 numbered pages stapled in paper cover. "South Pasadena, California"

"200 copies Printed by Grant Dahlstrom at The Castle Press"

Item 2: "Printing. Emery Walker and William Morris: An Essay Based upon 'Letterpress Printing,' A Lecture Delivered by Emery Walker at the First Exhibition of the Arts & Crafts Exhibition Society on November 1888", January 1997Add to your cart.
22 numbered pages sewn in paper cover. "This second in our series of Arts & Crafts Chapbooks was designed by Alan Thomsen and Bruce Smith following the precepts as set forth herein. Five hundred copies weere printed and bound by Yoshiko Yamamoto at the Arts & Crafts Press, Berkeley California"
Item 3: "Voices from the Oregon Trail: Diary Excerpts" compiled by Marv Ross, 1993Add to your cart.
"the book is made by hand and printed letterpress from hand-set type. The cover pattern is based on a traditional quilt design caled Oregon Trail... Mill Creek Pess"
Item 4: "The Birth of the Australian Press", n.d.Add to your cart.

excerpt from The Dawn of Settlement in Australia by the Hon. Herbert F. Hardacre. "The pages of this little book were reprinted and distributed free, by the Asoociation of Handcraft Printers of Australia... The Hand Press, Paradise Point, Australia."

"John Setek, Utility Press, Paradise Point, Queensland, Australia"

Item 5: "How to Build a Poor Man's Library" by Michael Harrison, 1969Add to your cart.

"Presented to the Roxburghe Club of San Francisco and the Zamorano Club of Los Angeles by Michael Harrison, Lester Lloyd, Duncan Olmstead, and Arlen Philpott"

"250 copies reprinted from The Book Club of California Quarterly News-Letter for winter 1969, Volume XXXV, Number one, by Arlen Philpott. Cover and Title Page by Lester Lloyd."

Hand numbered 1 of 250 on first page

Item 6: "A Cardinal for California's Southland" by Msgr. Francis J. Weber, July 1991Add to your cart.
40 pages, stapled in paper cover. "The publication of this memorial booklet was made possible by grants from the Dan Murphy and the Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundations. Written by Msgr. Francis J. Weber, Archivist for the Archdiocese ofLos Angeles, it was printed by The Castle Press of Pasadena"
Folder 3Add to your cart.
Item 1: "A Document Concerning the First Anglo-American Press" by George Parker Winship, June 1939Add to your cart.

22 pages, "Reprinted by the University Press, Oxford, from the transactions of the Bibliographical Society Library"

"London, The Bibliographical Society"

Item 2: "Cinderella Series: Children in the Woods", n.d.Add to your cart.
8 pages with illustrations, sewn in paper cover. "McLoughlin Brothers, Publishers, New York"
Item 3: "Fine Points: A Printers Miscellany" compiled by Clif and Lois Rather, 1977Add to your cart.

20 pages, sewn in paper cover. "The Rather Press, Oakland 94602"

Cover signed by Lois and Clif Rather

Item 4: "Oscar Lewis, 1893-1992", 1992Add to your cart.

25 pages. "San Francisco, The Book Club of California."

"Portrait on the cover by Mallette Dean... One thousand one hundred copies printed at the Arion Press"

Item 5: "A Day at the Seaside with Ward Ritchie" by Ernest A. Lindner with wood engravings by Richard E. Horton, 1981Add to your cart.

"The Lindner Press: Los Angeles"

"Designed by Vance Gerry and printed for Ernest A. Lindner by Patrick Reagh, Printers. The type is Electra and the paper is Mohawk Superfine. Binding by Harriet Lindner. 400 copies of which 100 are for members of the Rounce & Coffin Club and 100 are for members of the Zamorano Club." Signed by Vance Gerry, Patrick Reagh, Harriet Lindner, and Ernest A. Lindner

Folder 4Add to your cart.
Item 1: "Two Chapters from an Unfinished Autobiography; It's Better than Working: Confessions of a Dealer in Rare Books" by Philip C. Duschnes, December 1969Add to your cart.
"This is one of 750 copies printed at The Dtinehour Press for the friends of Philip and Fanny Duschnes"
Item 2: "Bruce Rogers: A Gentle Man from Indiana. Address at the 25th Annual Meeting of teh Friends of the Brown University Libraries, 25 March 1963" by Philip C. Duschnes, December 1965Add to your cart.
26 pages. Sewn in paper cover. "Printed in an edition of 750 copies in Bruce Rogers' Centaur types at The Stinehour Press for the friends of Philip and Fanny Duschnes"
Item 3: "Work That We Love is Nothing More than Serious Play" by Daniel Berkeley Updike, 1958Add to your cart.

"Berekely: Talmais Press"

"50 copies privately printed by Roxburgher Roger Levenson for the joint meeting of the Zamorano and Roxburge Clubs in Los Angeles September 20, 21, 1958. The body type is Wayside, a 'Scotch' face... to theoriginal Miller &Richsrd version. The display type is Bell. The edition has been worked off on an 1869 Albion, post folio size, made by Frederick Ullmer. This essay is reprinted with permission from: Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge Series: Printing , 1920, pp. 53-54"

Item 4: "The Bayeux Tapestry" by Msgr. Francis J. Weber, 2003Add to your cart.

2.25"x3.25" , 18 pages. "Junipero Serra Press, Mission Hills, California"

"This little book was designed, printed letterpress and bound by Regis Graden at his Nut Quad Press at Oceanside, California, in an edition of 275"

Includes letter from San Fernando Mission, Francis J. Weber

Item 5: "The Achievements of Benjamin Franklin" compiled by Kent Johnson, 1995Add to your cart.
16 pages, unbound. "Printed and bound by the Internaitonal Printing Museum, Spring"
Item 6: The Littlest Angel, abridged by Charles Tazewell, n.d.Add to your cart.
16 pages in paper cover
Folder 5Add to your cart.
Item 1: Southern California Peaks by Walt Wheelock, 1994Add to your cart.

48 pages. Chapbook "describing approach routes and the trails and paths to 112 peaks..."

"La Siesta Press, Glendale, California. Copyright 1973"

Item 2: "The romance of the printing tupe and of the men who in its creation and use have become famous: Wynkyn de Worde, assistant, friend, & Successor of William Caxton, England's first printer", 1936Add to your cart.

12 pages. "Told in linotype Granjon, designed George W. Jones, Sign of the Dolphin, London."

"Arranged and printed under the direction of Leonard Jay at the City of Birmingham School of Printing, a Margaret Street. The woodcuts kindly loaned by George W. Jones... Set on the Linotype in 14-pt. Granjon: teacher W.H. Gould. Compositors' wprk by boys in the pre-apprentice classes: teachers, H.C. Page and F.G. Moseley. Printed by students in the Letterpress Machine classes: teachers, A. Hoyle and V.S. Ganderton."

Item 3: Slidehook: Seven Comic Poems by Lee Engdahl, 1988Add to your cart.
"This Book is printed on Dulcet, an archival sheet, using Chen inks; set in 11/12 & 14 point Linotype Baskerville with Monotype display. Composed on a Model 31 Linotype, & printed with a 13x19 Colts Armory platen, on the premises of Silverado Press, Sonoma, California. Presswork, composition, & typography by Engdahl Typography. Of an edition of 150 copies this is No. 42 of 150"
Item 4: "The Trained Printer and the Amateur and the Pleasure of Small Books" by Alfred W. Pollard, 1929Add to your cart.

18 page chapbook in original envelope

"New Series of the Centaur Types of Bruce Rogers an dthe Arrighi Italics Cut by Monotype and here first used to print a paper by Alfred W. Pollard."

"Printed in Great Britain and published by The Lanston Monotype Corporation Limited"

Item 5: "A Modern Showing of Cloister Lightface (Roman & Italic) and Other members of the Famous Cloister Type Family", n.d.Add to your cart.
"The American Type Founders Company presents for the first time a complete showing of an authentic and conscientous reproduction of the roman type face originally designed, in one size only, by Nicole Jenson in 1470."
Folder 6Add to your cart.
Item 1: "Two Letters from Samuel Johnson to Sir Robert Chambers September 14, 1773 and October 4, 1783" and Introduction by Loren R. Rothschild, September 1986Add to your cart.

"Rasselas Press, Pacific Palisades, California"

"600 copies printed at Glendale, California by Patrick Reagh, Printers"

Item 2: "A Winter's Day: excerpts from the Shepard's Calendar by John Clare, first published in the year, 1827", 2002Add to your cart.

6 pages, 3.5"x4.5"

"Vance Gerry : Christmas 2002"

Includes a letter, dated November 15, 1998, from Vance Gerry to Regis Graden

Item 3: "More About Christmas at Dingley Dell" by Charles Dickens, 1999Add to your cart.

unpaginated, bound excerpt. 4"x5.75"

"Vance Gerry - Christmas"

"A few copies for friends and relatives at Christmas"

Item 4: A Southland Bohemia: The Arroyo Seco Colony as the Century Begins by Ward Ritchie, 1996Add to your cart.

25 pages, bound. Included with th previous two books.

"Published by Vance Gerry : Pasadena. A Weather Bird Press Book"

"Printed Electrostatically. Digital Typesetting by Pall Bohne. Bound by the Press"

Box 10Add to your cart.
Item 1: "Printing Types: Their Birth in the Typefoundry Depicted in Woodcut and Verse" by Karl Mahr, 2000 JuneAdd to your cart.

1'x1.5' book with paper cover, 14 pages. Original German text in back.

"The text for this edition was translated and set by hand in the Wilhem-klingspore-schrift at the Private press and Typefoundry of Paul Hayden... All press and production work was performed by Richard Hopkins' Hill & Dale press and typefoundry, Terra Alta, West Virginia"

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